My Story

Ron Kristy has composed many genres of music, from deep trailer/sports/action projects to the more recent "fun, upbeat, guitar-based" music projects, which he is enjoying immensely! 
A former staff writer/producer for Chappell Music in NY, (writing down the hall from 2 guys named Hall and Oates), Ron was co-writer of Aretha Franklin's Coca Cola spots and Brook Benton's "If You've Got the Time" Miller Beer spots, among many others. Later, while on vacation in Mexico, Ron was asked to compose a commercial for Bacardi Rum, which led to his co-founding the largest music production company in Mexico, Musicastil. Since returning to the States, he has continued to be one of Nashville's and New York's most prolific composers for TV/Films for over 30 years, composing and performing many hundreds of commercials and TV/film scores and songs.
Apart from his composing projects with Universal and custom scoring projects, Ron also performs with his wife and musical partner Terry Burns as the duo Burns and Kristy. On the personal side, Ron has studied many years of martial arts and meditation and visited and taught music for many years at Riverbend Max prison in Nashville. He lives in NY with his wife Terry and their 17-year-old son Noah Skye, also a brilliant young musician.